Cyclone Debbie can't take away the sun

Up here in the Northern Rivers the community spirit booms as its all hands-on deck in the wake of the weekend’s flood. You don’t have to pick up a newspaper to hear the stories. Ask anyone in the community and either they or someone they know has been severely affected. Houses, cars, livestock, and human lives have all been taken. It is devastating and the impact continues as the cleanup endures.

The good stories are few and far between but it’s been reassuring speaking with clients who were affected who have solar and batteries. According to the ABC national news over 10,000 homes in the area were without electricity during the cyclone’s visit, with some still cut off. For a great deal of my clients this was not an issue. They were either able to draw upon their solar power during the day, or around the clock through their battery systems. This has meant a whole array of realities in desperate times such as lighting during cleanups and access to power to charge phones and hand tools. It’s in times like these that solar and batteries no longer are a luxury, but a necessity.

A great deal of devastation is about the place at the moment and so its been a relief to hear the positive difference solar products have made to the lives of others in their most difficult situations.

Aerial view of the flood in Lismore over the weekend, courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

Aerial view of the flood in Lismore over the weekend, courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

All-Energy Conference, Melbourne 2016

All-Energy Conference Solar Battery Byron Bay

Its been a busy month. As part of the #SolarFreakinRoadTrip I was again on the road during the first half of October. I was consulting and working on solar projects between the Northern Rivers and Sydney. Just awesome!  I also flew to Melbourne to attend the All-Energy Conference 2016. I attended last year and this year was not to be outdone. The All-Energy is Australia’s biggest and highest quality clean and renewable energy conference. It featured over 200 industry speakers across 7 session streams over two days. I had a great deal to listen to and many people to meet! This year the conference agenda focused around the core themes of energy storage, the emerging smart grid, and energy efficiency, offering unparalleled content in all three areas. Innovation was also at the fore of discussion – exploring cutting edge local and global technology developments. The days were great and I've been buzzing about the whole thing. How good is working in an industry that is continually evolving and innovating. Exciting times.

Solar and Battery Storage Update

Brunswick Heads Markets

Hi all,

I just wanted to share some successes I've had in the past few months with battery storage and specifically lithium battery storage. I've included a few images of recent installs and also a nifty graph to help illustrate the effectiveness of battery storage for an average home in our beautiful Byron Shire.

The LG Chem 6.5kWh (RESU 6.5LV) is a standout product that I've been installing. It's one of the smallest batteries on the market but has the biggest share of the battery pie in Australia, even outclassing it's main competitor - the mighty Tesla Powerwall. With a 90% DOD (depth of discharge) it offers a decent size of 5.8kWh usable power. This makes it a perfect fit for your home. It's a modular system and more batteries can be added if and when needed. All bases are covered with the LG Chem!

With the Solar Bonus Scheme finishing at the end of the year its a good time to start talking about what energy storage options best suit your needs and your home. Let me help you make the right choice on storing that excess power and not feeding it back into the grid.

Helping clients find solutions that best meet their individual needs is the best part of my job. I can remove any confusion out of the process and equip you with the best solutions for your solar investment.

Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to speaking soon.

Have a great day,


This is what solar plus storage for a home in Byron looks like. The nice green lump beginning at 8am is the solar and the red line begins when the sun goes down and the battery kicks in. Everything blue under the green and red line is supplied and absorbed by solar or stored solar. Only when the battery is flat will power from grid be used. In this home power is only exported from the grid from 11pm at night till 7am in the morning at off-peak cheap rates. Its a wonderful process.

SolaX Hybrid Inverter with LG Chem 6.4kWh Battery - Byron NSW

Sungrow Hybrid Inverter with LG Chem 6.4kWh Battery - Bronte NSW

Without a planet the budget means nada - Great article by Michael Lucy from The Monthly -

Its not often that I read a piece on renewable energy that makes so much sense and cuts straight to the point. Thanks Michael Lucy from The Monthly @MmichaelLlucy for a rad (yet scary) read on the budget and our planet.

'All the economic activity that budgets are about, and that the election campaign will be about – all the jobs and growth, all the abstracted flows of value, all the layers of financialisation and social agreement that make superannuation, for example, a concrete enough concept to be worth reforming – all of that is built on the foundation of a planet that can support life, agriculture, and civilization as we know it. It’s easy enough to forget this, especially when you live in the elaborate technological bubble that a modern city provides. It’s worth remembering that practically all of recorded human history has happened since the last Ice Age, in a rare plateau of climatic stability that has lasted only a cosmic eyeblink'. - Michael Lucy.

climate change

Check out the full article here -

Find us in The Echo sustainability supplement

Find us in the Echo Publications Annual Sustainability Supplement. For me, it is great that sustainability has such a big focus in this news outlet. Too often many other papers fail to communicate to readers the facts and opportunities that sustainability provides. 

Check out this great publication if you are interested to learn more about what is possible, and from myself and my business, I am honoured to support such a great team of hard working people. Go and have a read!

Sustainability echo solar

Lets talk meter changes as we near the end of premium solar tariffs

There are some very significant changes coming to the 150,000 solar households in NSW when their premium feed-in tariffs end in December this year.

As a Level 2 Electrician I have been educating myself on what the costs might be to households when this change happens, as well as researching what some of the opportunities might be too.

Unlike larger, mainstream energy retailers, my goal is to put the customer, you, at the centre of your energy needs. I want to make myself available and informative to the public on how they can deal with the changes that are coming. 
This is bigger than my own business, it is about sustainability more generally and facilitating the shift to a cleaner, greener future.

If you have any friends or family with an existing solar system who are unsure about what this change might mean for them, please tag them in this post or send them my phone number, and I will be happy to let them know what they need to consider moving forward.

Even if they live outside of the Byron Shire where I work, I am more than happy to have a chat. They don't need to be potential customers for me to offer some advice.

The real motivation for me is helping people become more efficient, sustainable and healthier.

Thanks for your support.