Without a planet the budget means nada - Great article by Michael Lucy from The Monthly -

Its not often that I read a piece on renewable energy that makes so much sense and cuts straight to the point. Thanks Michael Lucy from The Monthly @MmichaelLlucy for a rad (yet scary) read on the budget and our planet.

'All the economic activity that budgets are about, and that the election campaign will be about – all the jobs and growth, all the abstracted flows of value, all the layers of financialisation and social agreement that make superannuation, for example, a concrete enough concept to be worth reforming – all of that is built on the foundation of a planet that can support life, agriculture, and civilization as we know it. It’s easy enough to forget this, especially when you live in the elaborate technological bubble that a modern city provides. It’s worth remembering that practically all of recorded human history has happened since the last Ice Age, in a rare plateau of climatic stability that has lasted only a cosmic eyeblink'. - Michael Lucy.

climate change

Check out the full article here - https://www.themonthly.com.au/blog/michael-lucy/2016/09/2016/1462776394/other-budget