We love putting solar on the roofs of commercial buildings and seeing the changes unfold.  And we only use the good stuff. That is, quality tried and tested award winning products. Our solar installation team are arguably the most experienced in the area, continually being acknowledged for their superior workmanship and customer service. 

Making the switch to commercial-scale sustainable solutions is a long-term commitment. It makes sense to work with a resilient, reliable and experienced installation partner with an established track record. Our commercial solar division has worked with a plethora of local businesses to significantly cut business overheads, improve business operations and increase the bottom line with up to 80% savings on daytime electricity costs.

Every business is as unique as the team that runs it. From small offices to complex infrastructures, we create solutions which are great for your bottom line and your environmental credentials. To ensure your solar system is accurately tailored to match your business' needs, location and budget, Denby Energy will:

  • Identify the best way for you to reduce your initial expenditure and payback period.
  • Provide a site inspection and structural assessment.
  • Create an energy consumption and solar generation analysis for you.
  • Design, install and provide free maintenance of your system.
  • Provide finance options and timings so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Provide above and beyond customer service, providing peace of mind throughout the entire process.