We can service, maintain and repair most inverter and panel brands, and if not, we can help supply you with a quality replacement that is suited to your needs.

Modern solar panels are relatively problem free and don't require much maintenance. Generally it is just a matter of cleaning the panels to ensure they are receiving maximum sun exposure and checking the mountings and wiring to ensure no obvious signs of deterioration. We can also test the output of the panels to ensure they are still operating at optimum levels.

Did you know that a regular maintenance schedule for your solar panels is required to protect your manufacturers warranty, as well as any warranties provided by your installation company?

Solar Inverter Repairs

Many of the inverter brands used during the solar boom were not of great quality. The issue here is that you might have solar panels doing a fantastic job collecting the suns' energy, but if your solar inverter is of poor quality you won't be converting as much as you should into electricity. Worse still, if your solar inverter has a fault, it may not be converting anything into electricity. We've seen this happen! After all, you need to be generating electricity to get the tariffs required to help pay off your system. If for any reason we can't fix the inverter problem (sometimes parts are no longer available on obsolete units) then we will help you find the best replacement.