All-Energy Conference, Melbourne 2016

All-Energy Conference Solar Battery Byron Bay

Its been a busy month. As part of the #SolarFreakinRoadTrip I was again on the road during the first half of October. I was consulting and working on solar projects between the Northern Rivers and Sydney. Just awesome!  I also flew to Melbourne to attend the All-Energy Conference 2016. I attended last year and this year was not to be outdone. The All-Energy is Australia’s biggest and highest quality clean and renewable energy conference. It featured over 200 industry speakers across 7 session streams over two days. I had a great deal to listen to and many people to meet! This year the conference agenda focused around the core themes of energy storage, the emerging smart grid, and energy efficiency, offering unparalleled content in all three areas. Innovation was also at the fore of discussion – exploring cutting edge local and global technology developments. The days were great and I've been buzzing about the whole thing. How good is working in an industry that is continually evolving and innovating. Exciting times.