Lets talk meter changes as we near the end of premium solar tariffs

There are some very significant changes coming to the 150,000 solar households in NSW when their premium feed-in tariffs end in December this year.

As a Level 2 Electrician I have been educating myself on what the costs might be to households when this change happens, as well as researching what some of the opportunities might be too.

Unlike larger, mainstream energy retailers, my goal is to put the customer, you, at the centre of your energy needs. I want to make myself available and informative to the public on how they can deal with the changes that are coming. 
This is bigger than my own business, it is about sustainability more generally and facilitating the shift to a cleaner, greener future.

If you have any friends or family with an existing solar system who are unsure about what this change might mean for them, please tag them in this post or send them my phone number, and I will be happy to let them know what they need to consider moving forward.

Even if they live outside of the Byron Shire where I work, I am more than happy to have a chat. They don't need to be potential customers for me to offer some advice.

The real motivation for me is helping people become more efficient, sustainable and healthier.

Thanks for your support.