Denby Energy loves being at the heart of the battery storage energy evolution.  We pride ourselves on being informed by the latest research and developments, attending conferences and product info sessions nationally and internationally - to keep our finger on the pulse. With this knowledge our clients are able to trust in the products we provide and the advice we give.

If you're thinking of battery storage to enhance your renewable energy use, now is a great time. And its no secret that evolving trends are pointing in this direction:

  • Rising utility rates.
  • Changing and disappearing feed-in tariff policies, which pay when excess solar production feeds the grid.
  • Chemistry advances resulting in safer, longer-lasting and more affordable batteries.
  • Climate change is real. It's now and nearly irreversible.

As a result of these trends the home energy management system has been born... and its booming! Hurrah! With battery storage technologies coupled with the functionality of hybrid smart inverters, its now possible for homes to manage and utilise energy usage whichever way suits.

And with developments in online remote monitoring even greater autonomy is returned to the client. Your online monitoring can be done by you or Denby Energy. It provides insight into consumption and production patterns and highlights anything wrong with the system's performance in real time. Of this, we are big fans!

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